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Allied Home Movers is an UAE owned and operated, founded by an Emirati name “Abdullah”. He worked as a removalist for 7 years and then set up his own business in UAE. His early struggles as a removalist guided him to a dream of setting up his own business. Having closely seen the tough pay conditions faced by the removalists, the business model of Allied Home Movers was set up in way to give more power and say to removalists. Abdullah formed a partnership with his employees (removalists) to provide cheap and best furniture removals services in UAE and now all around Dubai.

Abdullah’s extensive experience in the industry helped all our removals team immensely. Every new member is trained to be the best by the best. He realized early in his career that, only the best and efficient can survive in this business, we have made high quality and efficient removals and customer service as our core business objective.



During Shifting packaging of the various materials is a crucial part of shifting. Our experts Looks objects to be shifted.


Moving anywhere in UAE involves the shifting of commercial residential move, with us, just relax, Let us do it for you


We have specialized warehouses with ample space available, suiting your pocket and the area that you require.


We are customer oriented and give you our experts to install your furniture, shop items at your ease always.


We make certain loading and unloading of your bags, furnishings and fragile goods are carried out with out a unmarried scratch.


We provide services to all UAE towns like sharjah, dubai, abu dahbi, ajman, fujairah and ras al khaimah as moving experts

Residential Movers in Dubai

At Allied Home Movers and Packers, we understand how important it is to feel safe and anxious when it comes to residential removal. We invest the time and effort to prepare well for any individual request or special attention our customers may have. We are available at any time for any of your Relocation needs.

Movers and Packers in Dubai, UAE

Moving from Old house to  new house is stressful, especially if there are children involved. We can remove this burden from your shoulders with attentive and affordable transportation services. From apartments to Big Homes, our team can take you in and out with minimal interruptions. Our reasonable rates will ensure that you can easily adapt our services to your budget.

As licensed and insured moving company, we offer our customers additional peace of mind. You can rent with confidence when you need any kind of residential transportation, packaging and moving

What we do

As part of our residential movements, we offer comprehensive services that ensure that the transfer is done without problems. We know you’re busy, so we offer packing, unloading and loading. This is often the most stressful part of the move. Who has time to store their belongings, and even more difficult, to make sure that all breakable items are safely packed for the move?

Let our team do everything for you. We will supply everything from boxes to bubble casings, marking all of your items with the content and room they belong to. In addition, we also offer labor, so you can lead our team on what you need to do.

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Experience Quality And Fast Movers Packers Services

Moving out of a house is definitely a pathetic activity for many people. The mere mention of the term “transport” bothers them a lot. The main problem here is that most people are very busy with their daily activities and hardly have free time to organize the packaging. This is where the role of the Movers and packer becomes more important. Do not leave any stone without to help your customers and reduce all your problems.

Important to keep in mind

There is absolutely no doubt that the most important packaging companies and carriers in Dubai are taking the necessary steps to deliver valuable properties to customers in a timely manner. However, it is important to keep in mind here that you can continue to obtain the above benefits only if you have taken the necessary precautions to take advantage of the services of trust transfer companies.

However, it is also a fundamental fact that not all service providers in the city provide high quality services. In that case, what plays a prominent role here is research. If it is carried out in a well-planned manner, there is a very high percentage of access to the services provided by companies, it will be highly professional.

Therefore, it is quite clear that you will only be able to experience the best home exchange services provided by service providers if you are cautious and, more importantly, conduct an investigation effectively.

Home Storage Services

You probably want to move your office or home to a new location, but there are still a few months left in the contract. You may also want to store your personal or office belongings in a safe place that you can access later at a convenient time. Allied Home Mover provides these services because we are the cheapest and most efficient transport and storage company in Dubai. We have premium volumes for all your needs at competitive prices, easy access, flexible terms and the best customer service. Our company offers safes, drawer organizers, file carts and other storage units to make your work and life more comfortable.

Long Term Storage

Long-term storage is ideal for people who want to take an international step and need to store items or furniture for a long time. If you move to a smaller house with leftover furniture, you can store it in a long-term storage space. This type of storage requires expert mobilization and carefully placed items, so that they are protected.

Short Term Storage

Short-term storage is useful for temporarily storing any piece or piece of furniture on the fly for months. This can be useful for people who move to a new house and must live in an apartment or hotel before the final move.